Old Dominion Concert

I have been to a lot of concerts in my lifetime. However, the Old Dominion Concert was one like no other. The concert was a perfect mixture of country music. It had two great opening acts which broadened our horizons on the different types of country music, and allowed the crowed to get energized for the show. Old Dominion not only provided music as entertainment to the crowd, but allowed the audience to become a part of the show several times.

The band tried to incorporate local musicians with their opening acts. They had Jason Springs play as their first opening act. He had a voice like no other country musician I have ever heard. Jason’s voice is raspy, it is almost like soul music. He not only was a hometown musician, but he wrote songs about where he grew up. These songs were inspiring, especially since he sung them with so much passion in his voice. Even though he was the only person on the stage, Jason made it feel like there was a whole band of people on the stage with him.

Brandon Lay and his band were loved so much by the people of Danville at the Jake Owen concert, they were asked to come back to open up for Old Dominion the next year. Brandon Lay immediately started his act off by playing upbeat music. They got the crowd jumping and most of the crowd up on their feet. Many of the concertgoers were already drinking alcohol pretty heavily by this time, and were willing to dance to any form of music. Those who were a little on the tipsy side started dancing contests, and were encouraging others who were not standing up to get up and dance. For those of us who were sober in the audience, this gave many of us an alternate form of entertainment before the show started.  Brandon Lay was an excellent way to pump up the crowd for Old Dominion to come onto the stage right after them.

Old Dominion immediately followed Brandon Lay’s band and they immediately got the crowd jumping. They played a lot of their hit songs, and some other artists’ songs. One of my favorite songs they played was “Break Up with Him.” When the band started to play this song, the crowd went crazy, and started to sing right along with them.

The band allowed several members of the audience to come on stage with them at one point during the concert. When they began to play one of their songs, “Down Home Boys,” they searched the audience for people who looked like they wanted to party. One of my favorite songs that was played at the concert that is not normally sung by Old Dominion, is “Save it for a Rainy Day” by Kenny Chesney. However, they did help to co-write the song along with several other songs they played at the concert. When the song began to play Matthew Ramsey, the lead vocalist, began to walk around the pavilion to greet all of their fans. The crowd immediately went insane. Those who had lawn seats were fighting for a spot on the fence, so they could stick their hand out for the opportunity to let Ramsey touch it as he passed by. If a concertgoer was not fighting to have their hand touched by the lead singer of Old Dominion, then they had their phones up and ready to snap a picture of him as he walked by.

Those concertgoers who were enjoying their evening with the help of alcohol, were dancing a lot more than their fellow concertgoers. A few of them were even bringing some of their dance parties into the aisles of the pavilion. About midway through the concert, several members of the audience who were in reserved seating decided to leave their seats. They decided to go towards the stage and make a huge crowd at the stage. Things were getting so intense at one point; one girl threw her phone up onto the stage for the band to take selfies with. All of the members took selfies with her phone, and then just threw it back into the crowd of people. Throughout the numerous song changes during the concert, the band was always willing to take brief selfies with members of the audience if we were lucky enough to catch their attention.

Towards the end of the concert, the lead vocalist knelt down near the crowd of people at the stage and did a guitar solo for the audience. Those who were near the stage took this opportunity to record the solo. Sprung and Ramsey did a solo together for another song, and many of the concertgoers took the opportunity to take pictures and record the solo. When the concert was over, Sprung threw his guitar pick into the crowd of people standing at the stage. This sent people jumping and for a brief second, they were almost fighting over the guitar pick. After, seeing this controlled chaos occur, I knew the reserved seats were the right choice when going to a concert. They allowed those who were sitting in the reserved area to go as close to the stage as the rope would let them, which provided for an amazing concert experience. After Old Dominion’s last song, the audience was cheering so loud they had no choice but to come back out and play an encore for the crowd. It was just enough to make the crowd happy, but even after that song no one wanted the night to end.

The Old Dominion Concert was a very refreshing concert. It allowed community members of Pittsylvania county and Danville City to come together for the evening to enjoy the sound of music. The band gave those who were very stressed with their careers a chance to sit back and relax. The music gave everyone the opportunity to test out their dancing shoes once the music got playing and the sun went down. The concert was also a great way for long lost friends to meet back up, and catch up. The breaks between singers provided the perfect amount of time for everyone to carry on conversations with those they had not seen in sometime.  The Old Dominion Concert was a perfect way to spend a Saturday night with friends, and I hope they come back to town so I can do it again soon.




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