Judith Newman’s: To Siri, with Love

There are many ways to make connections with other adults in life, but one would not think a bond would happen through a cell phone app. In Judith Newman’s, “To Siri, with Love” attempts to persuade the reader that the use of Siri is a good thing. Newman provides insight to the life of her autistic child and how life changing the app is in his life. She shows us we should look at how things affect a group as a whole before judging a new product on the market.

Judith Newman’s purpose of writing this essay is to persuade the reader. She wanted to show her readers Siri can be used for more than just entertainment. Siri can be used to help autistic children communicate with other individuals in the world. She supported her argument with her statement, “But perhaps it also gave him a valuable lesson in etiquette. Gus almost invariably tells me, “You look beautiful,” right before I go out the door in the morning; I think it was first Siri who showed him that you can’t go wrong with that line (455).” Newman attempts to persuade the reader with her essay by showing the numerous ways Siri has helped relieve stress from her too. Autistic children wonder how the world works more than the average child which causes them to ask more questions, and when Newman runs out of answers she can refer her child to Siri for the answers. She shows us this when she states, “Gus had never noticed Siri before, but when he discovered there was someone who would not just find information on his various obsessions but actually semi-discuss these subjects tirelessly, he was hooked (452).”

The purpose of Judith Newman’s essay “To Siri, with Love” is many people benefit from the use of Apple’s Siri application. Newman demonstrates through multiple examples how children with autism gain experience with talking to others by talking to Siri, and they learn the proper etiquette when talking to her.


Work Cited

Newman, Judith. “To Siri, with Love.” The Little Norton Reader (2014): 450-59. Print.




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